Reviews for "BFG23!"

beautiful =)

dude, have you done a school course in music tech (that's what we call it in the U.K lol)? becauseyou obviously know what stuff goes together and how to put an, let's say emotional feel in the music, and as a young aspireing musicain myself (i'm 12 lolz), ifind people like you on the internet that have the real potential to make it a a professianal mujsicain.
dude, you have my gratitude.
make more stuff like this lolz =)

IM very amazed

man this is good and your voice is amazing i am relly amazed with this.

Fucking awsome!!!!

Best Song ever i want u to reply to this!!!!! Is this ur band and if it is send me a mesage if it isnt send me a message who the band is cus i want to go to concert with my girl better then any band ive ever heard!!! u should check out this band called Nas yes its rap and i dont like rap but its a awsome and i found out cus my brother thats in the navy has a lot of black friends let me listen to it its awsome its better tthen 50 cent 2 pac and anny band thats rap band ive ever heard of so please send me a message cus u are a person has a exelent person that has a good taste in actual music and i want to talk to you

Love your sounds.

All your pieces I have heard so far have been amazing.

You really do sound like you enjoy what you do and you know what your doing.

I would love to hear more.


Still listening in 2019. Will never forget this song!