Reviews for "BFG23!"

Nice !

good use all sounds :D
its really good KEEP IT UP !


Heh, every time I see the acronym BFG I instantly think "Big F******g Gun!", but this songs got nothing to do about that, so, yeah.... =P. Also either my speakers broke, orat the middle part the sound went all glitchy, but I think it was deliberate because it sounded awesome. Word's cannot describe how much I like this song, it's relaxing but fast paced, and my only real problem with it is this: Not enough vocals!

Hammerypart says: The vocal's defined this song as briliant. Fav'd! Cya 'round!


Possibly one of the greatest audio submissions on Newgrounds...


Some excellent melodies. If you chose to produce more of this sort of thing, you'd be up there with Mogwai and Boards of Canada, frankly. I listen to this more than I listen to those two artists.

You wouldn't believe how much i like this song

I just checked windows media player and i've listened to this 5623 times, and Ive listened to please intro 3685 time followed by ealif listened 1173 times. No joke. I will send screenie if necessary. You r awesome dude, great songs. Nothing needs to be said

Nostrap responds:

wow that's impressive (and a little crazy). thanks for the comments.