Reviews for "BFG23!"

very nice

Some nice rhodesy sounds, and the guitar very much RHCP, clean sound, well produce. The drums were good, but didn't seem to totally suit the tune. i dunno just didnt seem as well mixed as the rest of the track. The vocal is really nice. Gets a bit lost once the drums are back in, just needs another db or 2, but it's really good. Nice double track emphasis. Hehe the glitchy bit was good too. Overall it's almost complete. the sum of it's parts make a convincing whole, it's not missing anything, just maybe a few sound choices were not to my liking. the guitar is gorgeous tho.

9/10 and a 5.

Bob by my page whenever you have a chance, latest tune is Finding That Something Special.


I remember working with you on the ReasonCollab =D

Awesome song. Couldn't really find any way to improve it. I really enjoyed listening to it. Keep up the good work.

Woah, blown me away again.

This piece was just great, and once again, it fits perfectly with just about any animation in a dry run.

If it's alright, I'll probably be using your music in my upcoming animations. That is, if you don't mind the extra attention again ;).

Nostrap responds:

Great. I look forward to seeing it.

nice mellow clip!

I really dig the background guitar that sounds like a whale..Nice rhythm guitar, drums, and keyboard. they all flowed very well and where nicely recorded. perhaps the rhythm guitar could have a bit more punch, possibly by adding a light chorus.

you or whoever has a great voice.

the instrumental end part around 3:10 is beautiful sounding..my favorite part of the track.

the only problem with the clarity was there was too much bass when the vocals hit...kinda of drowning out the singing.

great track man!


I noticed the panning all over the track, which is quite annoying at times. But it sure adds style to the track. The background synth sounds awesome as hellage

Great drums, the vocals could easily sound like a commercial artist's with some better mixing and what do I call it, I don't have words for it rite now.

The downpitching thing later on the track was just weird, not so sure if I liked that

but good stuff