Reviews for "BFG23!"


the guitar sound perfect... is amazing
is a nice rhythm & you sing very well

good job

its good work, just careful on you breathing patterns while singing.
but a good effort over all


completely awsome
love your voice


This could not have been made any better than how you made it.
I love it.....and i listen to heavy metal....so thats got to say somethin...
And dont listen to the peaople who say you shouldnt sing.....its not about
having a good voice....its about feelin the music.....and you do that and thats
what makes this song awsome. 10/10

that was WAYY cool!


its true

that was cool, but it might have been better without the electronic pauses.. i dont know, that might be the songs base..

over all i loved it, sounds a bit like radiohead, no?