Reviews for "BFG23!"

Gets in your head, y'know?

Lovely to listen to on a walk home from the pub as the street lights flicker above you, walking in time to the song. Cars drive by you but you but they're merely a part of the background experiance. And then you get to 1:54 and you you start walking backwards, and then forwards again at 2:07, as you begin to sing. And then at 2:24 you find yourself back sitting alone in a pub after singing "We can't go home".

Got every time I hear this song I replay that through my head. This is a master piece.


i love this song so much, its really relaxing but u could dance to it to. the singing is really beautiful also as well as the melody. did u sing this? if not, who is the singer?

Nostrap responds:

My friend sang and I did the backups :)


Man,this is good!

You wouldn't believe how much i like this song

I just checked windows media player and i've listened to this 5623 times, and Ive listened to please intro 3685 time followed by ealif listened 1173 times. No joke. I will send screenie if necessary. You r awesome dude, great songs. Nothing needs to be said

Nostrap responds:

wow that's impressive (and a little crazy). thanks for the comments.


Awsome. I put this on my ipod.