Reviews for "BFG23!"


This song is great! Please please please can you somehow send me the guitar tabs?

Nostrap responds:

I'd love to but unfortunately I don't have this tabbed out. There is also a guitar part in there somewhere that is impossible for just one person to play.I had to have my friend picking while the I did fingertaps when needed.

nice but....

the singing veared me away from iut real fast. i love the music, the beat on it, and the general making, but like i said the singing downed the score on it. well done though.


This is the first song I've ever heard on the audio portal that I thought was truly amazing and professional. Nice work, keep it up.



It has a very nice and soft beat.


everything just works but the thing i would change is the drums and the skipping near 2:00 doesnt really go with the song BUT ITS AMAZING