Reviews for "BFG23!"


A beautiful song. Soft instrumentals, pretty trance tones, good vocals, and a good back beat. It's a great song to just relax to and let your mind wander...


your song touched thank you for making it.
5/5 10/10 favorites


A very nice track this is. Smooth and simple guitarplay, nice additions, great vocals, a bit dim, but otherwise it's all great, keep up the good work!


another great song

this was amazing you should definitly write more indie songs. the vocals were amazing the fit right in with the song. keep it up

You did it again, dude.

You made a song rock. You made your song rock.
Soz but it seems I can't give you any constructive criticism because there is nothing I can actually criticise.
But seriously, keep going because you need to go to the top.

Nostrap responds:

Thanks for all your reviews. I certainly appreciate the encouragement. I will not stop until I reach the top. You can count on that.