Reviews for "In A Trance Redux"

pretty clear, nice track

the song was bit unoriginal and generic, such as the drums and some synth riffs, but hey, like most trance and techno songs they aren't very diverse from each other.

nice backing synths...some synths are too loud, like the one that kinda turned off and off...the little chord that starts off is cool, but you could have mixed it up a bit. the distorted panning synth is pretty sweet. everything else was groovy and catchy. not a bad track man.


You put in lotsa effort in this track, allthough, its not very diverse (maybe you repeat the overall theme a little to much... however, you use some nice modulations ad the end, and make some variations on the main theme as well).
The track itself ins't very original, I know a few tracks that are somewhat simulair to this song.
Anyways, the song is very clean, no wierd chords or something...
Next time, you're track will be even better!


Very nice track man. Sounds like everything was mastered pretty good as well, professional like :). I could see this song in some dramatic shooting game like Rainbow Six or any other modern shooting game. Keep it up mann and check me out too cya around.

"Live long and party hard"