Reviews for "In A Trance Redux"

Blakz WTF? Ratchet and Clanks are still made by...

Insomniac Games and they are really high quality.[/offtopic ends]

This tracks very good... I liked the modulation and the overall athmosphere it has... to I'm kinda sick of old sounds, though. It sounded kinda cheesy old trance from 1998-1999, but it's obviously understandable, since, well this is NG.

Good work!


A god made this !!!! great work man


Reminds me a lot of Rachet & Clank. Too bad they may have the same fate as Crash Bandicoot...




I've heard this audio in a flash before and I wanted to review this but never got the chance to. Now, I can actually review this masterpiece. The audio sounds sounded really crazy. A little funky hear and there but the main thing that caught my eye was the rhythms. They sounded sick.