Reviews for "In A Trance Redux"

Hi Five very niice...

reminds me of playing 'Maximum Tune' at the arcade. really good beat to it!

You got a 10 and a 5. :)

I really like this! The beat goes nicely, the main rhythm is great and I love the little melodies you placed over the general song. I really great make! :D


This has a really nice beat in it. And that melody was great. It was happy and somehow desperate in some parts. Or no, no desperate... Well I don't know, that kind of anyway. Makes me wanna dance like crazy.

Where's the glow sticks at?

Hmmm...it's got some fair and alright beats, plus it's not ear jarring too...

I can imagine seeing this track heard at rave parties and even being played on DDR ^_^

But as the song was coming to it's end, that odd whistle type sound that came in at 2:45 kind of threw me off the beat...but at least it corrected it self at 3:10...

A little constructive criticism.

I'll be straight.
This track has the potential to be pressed on vinal spinning on a deck in a rave dude. But I do have some criticism.
I'll take you through the song.
The begining...

The synthiser that first appears (0:00) i feel should have some degree of reverberation as the majority of your samples are so. Have a listen between 0:06 and 0:10.

The square that follows (0:03) is very original, my favorite aspect among the many facets of your song! Through-out the whole song is flawless. Perfectly delayed echo, and suited every note it hit. I love it!

The sound cutoff at 0:15 had me anticipated, nice job!

The 303 synth was initiated perfectly @ 0:30 But I feel it would be more of a teaser if you let it a rest for a bit say around 0:38 It made its enterance and made its point but the tracks still begining.

(0:44) Wow a shift of the entire key, wasn't expecting that, although the modification of arpigiator was clearly well thought through and so it sounded pretty cool. I see these few bars as the 'chorus' (if thats even the right word to use) of the song, as it repeats a few times later on. (Plenty of time for the 303 to be used in later chorus'.)

(1:15) Not sure I agree with the sample you used here. I feel it comes off too strong.

(2:08) This new synth starts of sounding like a siren, Awesome! But whats with the frequency filter effects? Perhaps concider revising this sample also, or at least leave the filter alone! The fact that it slides also (2:42) is a bit too much for me to get my head around.

The ending was refreshing. I love the octave change. But that sliding siren sounds like a cats having its tail pulled all over your beautiful music!

Respect dude, your original track has left a good impression.
9/10 from me.