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Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble Theme"

You don't want to know...

How long I've sought for this piece, this is what kept me playing Newgrounds Rumble. Best remix of the NG theme ever. Like someone else said, a longer version of this would be pure bliss!

Nice man

I love it, you are probably the most famous musciciane in this place, and great thing is your actually make good music and don't follow the mainstream stuff. Don't get signed man, don't get a label, be like this, it doesn't matter if you have to sell music yourself, it is better than just following what the mainstream wants us to listen to!

This music kicks ass as much as the game does! XD

... People know this better than the original newgrounds theme XD

this stuff is JAMMIN! it's got the Flow, the Beat and the the Waaaave, can listen to this for hours, wish there was something longer, that'd blow some minds. (but would probably require equally or greater amounts of mind-splosion to create)