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Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble Theme"


This is freakin awesome!!! Great work!!


Man this is the best title theme song ever!!!!!!!

to the guy below me

for a little amount of money(100$ or so) you can make games for the xbox 360 with XNA(directx for xbox), and then you just take some opensource 3D aplication, and you can make it. how cool is that huh.

the prices for ps are in the 10 000 to develop games for, so i wouldn't trie that on your own.

btw, nice song

Awesomely Epic.

You are so bad ass. If i had the money, Id Like to expand Rumble and Put it on Consoles like the Ps3 and 2,Psp, Xbox, You know. and make it 3D(KICKASS)

Best Ever!

This Theme Song is so cool!