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Reviews for "~SW~ The Lonely Astronaut"

Has a feeling of loneliness to it as if the astronaut has nothing to look forward to in the area of space where they are. I am curious as to what the glass / wind chime type sound was though. I assume the other sounds were mainly on piano and string instruments.

Also, not seen you here in forever. :( Hope you are able to stop by and be on Newgrounds a little more often with the upcoming holidays coming closer every day.

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there, NekoMika! Sadly, I've not had too much motivation to make music and have been otherwise busy with school and stuff. I've also been designing a game dungeon, as it turns out. Which is pretty cool!

For the glassy wind chime sound, I assume you mean the sound really clearly audible around 1:10 - in which case... that's actually the one made entirely of square waves! I ran it through a few effect modules (a type of 'bitcrusher', or as close as the program had - and then a vocoder). The other sounds actually aren't piano/strings aside from the very obvious piano lol. They're actually recordings of noise or mic adjustments ran through harmonic amplifiers and formant elements, as well as resynthesis to pitch a few of them around.