Reviews for "Dress Up Misty"

remove all clothes 1st!!



This is a good idea but it's mislead or What i mean is (MAKE IT BETTER!)
This is a really good idea and you do get to see her naked and so i give you credit for that but every time you click her stuff it sends you back to the title page theirs no reaction or anything and the clothes selection is not very good either so good idea just gone bad but now you know what to fix when make make another no hard feeling just saying

use this

take off the glasses and click on the eye a screen comes up click next u see like 6 naked pic of misty click next and a nother dress up game will come up

i agree

all i did was take off misties
clothes lokked 4 a sec and left

to AdrienneCena53;Spartanizzo;kevinchong;monkey185

AdrienneCena53 ,Spartanizzo,monkey1855,kevinchong
I am not with you.............................

but Boing407
iam with u