Reviews for "Dress Up Misty"

It's pretty cool.

O.K., excuse my stupidity... but what the hell is an easter egg?? Well it's some secret thing, I know, but what does it stand for? And this really isn't a good picture of Misty. I could tell you where to find some, but I'm knew and like it here. Well sorry if I upset someone.

Cool dude!

Thanks! This is cool (especially the egg pics!!!) Its really cool!

I found the egg

In the 4th preset, her left hand finger is it. Have fun!

UnsidedSoftware responds:

Congratulations. Thanks to you telling everyone where it is, I have to move it again!


Very nice! but can you tell me where the secret spot is? anyone? please please please!!!!! My email be JOWTOW@aol.com

pics and eggs

hey! can You tell me where the egg is? and could you send me pics and shit of misty if you have some? pleeeeaaassse?! e-mail me at vfunk2000@earthlink.net