Reviews for "Dress Up Misty"

not good

i agree with the last person this really aint good not many costumes just plain and simple so unless your a pokemon nerd or somthing i woudnt play this


i don't want to be a bitch, but... there's not really much to this game. not many outfits, no interactivity(besides dressing her obviously) i wouldn't reccommmend it unless you're a total misty freak

not that its any of my buisness but...

did you steal this, this EXACT same one is on allthesegames .com in the "other" section.
Because it looks the same sounds the same, and, well....IS the same
anyway, good game....if its yours....

kinda dull

Maybe its just me but i really don't get dress up games anymore. I guess the only fun part is when you get them naked and you can click on thier private parts and they'll moan. (yes i am a perv) The only fun one I recently played was a dress up bulma one where once you took off a certain thing she'd say something funny. Guess there's not much originality in these games.

God I wana become a great flash author -_-

Well any ways I remember the dress up I was trying to make It passed all betta testing worked perfectly but the copy Of flash my freind gave me befor he moved was a down load sigh... -_-
Any way Are you going to make a new flash? Or at least up date this. also to the guy below me yes I know it might sound wroung that misty is under 15 but most of the people that I know of that look up hentai are under 18 most of the time any ways My dress up had three girls in it but no orgasm soundsany ways I hope you update