Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"


I saw your previous movie, and you've definately expanded your repertoire of Flash techniques a bit. This one isn't as funny as Shinji trying to blow up the world, but its a nice try regardless. You were reusing some footage there near the end; for a moment I thought that the movie was going to loop on forever... That would not have been good.

TENT responds:

well i think it would have been crap not to reuse the footage at the end becuase it was the chorus


Disregarding the two idiots that replied before me. I myself am also am also a fan of Rei and the Evangelion series but COMEON! Learn to laugh at stuff now and then. I was glad to see that Rei was finally smiling even if it was in a sinister psychotic way.


Better than the rei puppet show.

I gave the rei puppet show a 5 because i like weird al yankovic and evangalion

it's o.k i guess

well one thing is that there not her glass's

TENT responds:

ok i don't really care anyway its surposed to be funny


the odd thing is after watching end of evangelion.. i was actually moved by this. freaky piece of animation..