Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"


AHA! no really HAHAHAHAAAA! that was funny as...well....somthin really funny..^_^


Lol, kinda pointless... but it was funny and worthwhile. Drawings are pretty good. Rei is hot!!!

Very godd

Great movie I like the carry on from episdoe 1 and I love the sinc of the mouths with the music espically the pars where its Rei and Rei/Lilith.
N.B. There not her glasses there Gendo Ikaris.

cool, but...

cool but this needs a lot of work, it is hella funny with the faces and crap but the graphics wer kinda sucky and the music waz hella fucking annoying but i have seen ur DX version the new 1 and it rocks so dont worry i gave it a ten ;D


WHOO! and fuck you Gemini_bloodian this dude did a good job and kicked major ass. He's the kind of people we need here at good 'ol newgrounds! So congrats on a good movies and gemini_bloodian your going right to hell and the devil and rip out your organs and feed then to his 7 headed horned dog.