Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"

betcha cant reveiw just one!

devil may cry one was cool though!


he just doesnt understand the creavity of people like us ( creativity ya tht word will work nicely there MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Very Funny

I loved this movie like a fat kid loves cookies... wait, no.... thats not how it went... Well whatever. Keep up the good work! :D


this was cool. dont see why anyone wouldnt like it. good animation, good music, few funny things, etc. keep it up =)
-to HaloDaemon,
1:the world never blew up. it entered the deminsion of Nothingness.
2: yea, Gendo's old pair.


Yo another great movie by TENT hmmmm...... y? 2 many movies n games ...... o well f it make more....... nice grahpicz but the song was gai