Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"

Rei is funny looking when she's crazy.

That was so funny! You made Rei's eyes go every direction. It was so funny when Rei was drunk.


eva rulez nice one!!


yeah its okay i guess

it's not as good as the other stuff you've done
but its cool and rei doesn't wear glasses the glasses belonged to gendo ikari

Anime Purist...grow UP

This is a flash parody, point being...DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! You don't know if the author likes the series and as a fan can make fun of it because he has a sense of humor, or if he just doesn't like it. Either way its his opinion and you whining over a japanime and sending death threats is just childish and stupid.

it was amusing and weird but not impressive...which i think was the point right?
it reminds me of the 'spongemonkeys' which is why i laughed a little. i guess Rei is just easy to pick on...look at her! wait...all the characters are easy to pick on!
i think it would have been better to go over the pics in flash animation instead of using jpegs...

gave it a 7 because i like the authors humor and the songlol

i gotta say, that was sick

um why is it that you are fucking up reis reputation by this flash? the flash was funny but you gotta go back and redo this one.