Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"


Rei is funny when she is crazy!


Oh man, that was such a good refresher. Rei has always been this creepy bitch, and now, we get to see her... erm... lighter side. About 2/3 through, it started getting repetetive, but it was still really hilarious. Good movie!


As an EVA fan, this is a pretty decent parody in my opinion. graphics are good for being made of only clips from the show. The music is excellent. Now I want to find this song! Tell me where you found it so I won't go crazy looking for it!

I like rei...................

I like rei and everything about her but i don't like this flash much. Nice job ^_^
I'll give it a 8

stfu guy below me...

Rei is way to fuckin weird for me to comprehend in the anime...:)