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Reviews for "Mortal Kombat: Funny Ends"

It should be in the MK collection...

Yes, sir ! You heard it : it should be in the MK collection ! Indeed, it's only MK spoofs but it made me laughing ! The only default I found in this movie is that there are ONLY 6 endings ! But the rest is ok !

P.S. : LMAO for the Sektor fatality ( you should have put Cyrax instead of him but it doesn't matter...) !

Positive points:
- a style a bit different than the other MK spoofs I have seen
- The Liu Kang ending
- ...and finaly...the Sektor ending ! ( I was about to shit in my pants...just like him ! )

Negative points :
- only 6 endings
- that's all ! ...to my mind...

pretty good

a couple of them made me chuckle

good and funny

But mostly this is just farthumor movie but i still liked.


The only really funny ones were Tsung and Nightwolf.

Shang Sung hahahahahaha

good MK movie