Reviews for "Puppet Master"

You can sense the evil....

Excellent detailed art. It needs no background, it is perfect as it is.

holy s**t

they look just like the 1s in the movie, even better !

awesome movie

this movie was frickin awesome. Think you could make this a wallpaper?

The-Swain responds:

i am using it as a wallpaper now, you just need to center it and make the background black. Thats what I did anyway.


I remember this film watched it when i was well young and it scared the shit out of me, I think it had something to do with the midgets they dressed in the costumes to film the thing (freaky! freaky! freaky!). Totally grosse bit when that puppet bitch is wretching up giant leeches on that guys body (SICKKK!).

Thats some good art though; "Nice!", darkly vivid affect, and good work of shadows, and the red background emphasises a lot for the characters murderous temprament.


Kind of wanted to see Tunneler in there too though. Maybe Torch...

The-Swain responds:

Torch was the first puppet from the series I ever saw. I originally saw them out of order.