Reviews for "Puppet Master"


Wow is all i have to say Im a huge puppet master fan from when i was a kid, thank you for doing such a great job

OMG flashback

wow as soon as I saw those dark black sockets on the front page, I thought "Could it be?" and it was, wow so much nostalgia. I had almost forgotten my childhood. the movies which I had seen that no one else had heard of. thanks for this picture Swain you the best!

The-Swain responds:

you're welcome friend, and thank you for the review. after i finish mastermind 5 there will be more of these!

Oh, my. Yes!

Fantastic work of both Blade and Pinhead! Their unliveliness takes me back to the original movies. The ones I fell in love with before Retro, Legacy, or Versus. It makes for a great background too! Well done!


I thank you oh so VERY much, You remembered my about these guys and I used to love these guys so much the movie was Phenomenal! Thank you Sir!


ive never seen the series but it looks badass jus by looking at the puppets