Reviews for "Puppet Master"

person below me

they are from a movie and he had a small head
but i love this picture


well u lost one star cuz i think the guy on the right has an abnormally small head

The-Swain responds:

Even if you're not familiar with the series, I did point out that his name is Pinhead. Oh well, so much for subtlety.

Haunts my dreams

It haunts my dreams

No Leech girl??

Are you a Charles Band fan Swain? I have a whole bunch of his movies including one with Corey Feldman. With the exception of the original Puppet Master they're all terrible.

Great picture, colors and shading are really strong. Looks like it could be a DVD cover or poster.

The-Swain responds:

Band is credited to the most recent, hopefully-soon-to-be-released 2010 sequel, so we'll be putting that integrity to the test. ESPECIALLY if they even think about using 3d CGI for the puppets.

And let's not fool ourselves Harry, the original Puppet Master was awful too, and yet much like AIDS I can't seem to get it out of my system.

three thumbs up

Spooky yet pretty dam sexy. Nice work