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Reviews for "-Rift-"

my favorite artists together how epic please do more

This is super catchy. As mentioned, has that Waterflame vibe (with a hint of ParagonX9), but at the same time having it's own unique flair. Hearing it being used for the final battle in Arcane Maiden kind of raised the stakes of that fight.

PredatorMusic responds:

Thank you! We appreciate it! Glad you liked it ^-^

Honestly, I should ask the bois, it might be time to do another massive collab ;)

gives me a little bit of an earthbound feel, kinda like otherworldly foe.

Very important question: what is that voice saying at 1:41?

Hyenaedon responds:

"Don't Stop, GO!"

PredatorMusic responds:

Whew Hyeanedon added that, and this was years ago, but I think it says "don't stop it" ? Maybe, it's probably just gibberish :P