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Reviews for "-Atom Sampler-"

Straaange but not bad :P
I like works those are diferent than the usual songs :P
It's quite good but... not my favourite :P

Idk what genre it is but i $%&#ing love it. The transition from chill to heavy rock w/ hip hop beats kinda reminds me of Rage Against The Machine so might fall under the same genre. Keep up with the cathartic tinkering! 5/5

This is alternative rock and hip hop if you wanna know. Kinda sounds like the main tune behind a deathgrips song. Nice use of odd sampling because that is basically just giving yourself a song i am most likely gonna like. Has a hip hop vibe with some of the samples and the beat and also has some rock like feelings to it. With the guitar.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Yeah, it fits into breaks / hiphop / pop rock I guess!

Pretty fresh. Yet another style. Somebody should do vocals to this. I imagine AC/DC maybe.

Nice šŸ‘