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Reviews for "-Atom Sampler-"


This is amazing! Your unique style is epic as always <3


Good track!

There was a real bounce to this that I loved, like really getting into the thick of it with ambition and excitement. I feel like I could work to this song. No idea what genre you could call this, but you're doing it right, I'll say that much

Waterflame responds:

Thank you :)

I really like all of your music, you are simply amazing. Also, may I ask where you got those voices?

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Different public domain / old documentaries and TV broadcasts.
There is so many bits and pieces here from everywhere. I take 1 sec. sample clips
of stuff that has a cool sound in a particular moment in voice and broadcast, foliage, music and clip loops. Then I pitch and isolate it and make it something else, often renamed in the process lol.
So the source list for these kind of tracks is hard to produce. But most of the raw material is found by googling for samples or sound within legal usage. So Im sure you can find similar.