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Reviews for "-Atom Sampler-"

This is awesome, just could have some electric vibes to go with it to make your heart thump. Otherwise, amazing job!

Fantastic job!

I actually like this. Nice job!!

Wait... this is actually pretty nice.

It sounds like an intro theme to a laboratory
Or a main theme for like a rocker mad scientist

My mind went crazy when at 1:05 you matched the 'and shoes' part in rhythm to flow into the main beat. Good stuff.

I feel a little too much disc scratching @ 2:31 ish.

I also wish you introduced some kind of an ambient / climbing sound around 1:34/2:56 that acts like a "carpet" for your main beat.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)
Yeah, the "climbing carpet" is a good idea in retrospect. Nice suggestion! Maybe Ill add some spice to it before it goes on an album.

Outstanding track right here!