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Reviews for "-Atom Sampler-"

Very enjoyable to listen to! There are a lot of unique aspects; your songs almost completely take away that formulated, mathematical feeling that many songs develop these days.

Waterflame responds:

Glad to hear it being noticed. I never follow the formulas or curves. I strictly go by how it sounds and what feeling it conveys. I think its important that the listener has a sense of exploration listening. I personally hate it when I can predict a song throughout its playtime.

Thank you!

I love your work, your master settings are off the chain!

Look at those crests and troughs!

Would love to learn your technique. I dun nae know how to do that yet.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! I had no idea either, I just keep poking at it until I got it lol.
When it comes to mastering its just a lot of hard work and attention to detail. push the song as loud as it can go without clipping and without squeezing the tops out, then hunt down the frequencies that hurt until the song stops hurting. lol. Thats it on the surface really.

Think about Fallout...

Ooo...I love the eerie vibes at the beginning and the old-timey piano that comes in shortly thereafter. The vocal samples add a bit of a cinematic flair, but I think you overdid them after a while. I was a little uncertain as to the directionality of the piece during the second minute, and pretty soon it's evolved into a more danceable, rhythmic piece. Kinda reminds me of a more rushed "Sinking Feeling." I like when you bring back the atmospheric elements towards the end. Really creative work overall. Not sure it's come together for me quite yet as a coherent whole, but I'll listen to it a couple more times and see what happens. :D Keep up the good work, WF!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! I will agree that the middle of the track could use more direction. But I wanted it to be a bit..floating. the hook was supposed to be the vocals themselves and the choppy guitar. I guess I never had a clear direction with this to begin with so thats why it came off a bit like a stitched together thing. Appreciate the pointers!