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Reviews for "Tristam - Till it's over (H3XAGON3ST remix)"

The remix is fantastic. It's much more energetic and uplifting than the original song.

However, the non-drop parts are WAY too quiet, and that basically just ruins the song for me.
So, consider turning the volume up for the non-drop parts, as I see no good reason for keeping it so low (apart from making a bigger difference between the drop and the buildup, but that's not a good excuse).

Really awesome, bro!

Awesome remix!! Best I've seen in a while..

Fantastic remix; makes me wonder if Berzerk Studio will add DLC levels at some point to Just Shapes and Beats. Great drop, grooving rhythm, new follower; I look forward to hearing more music from you in the future. :D

The drop was awesome, tbh it reminded me a bit of highscore, but u should make the vocals louder imo. Overall, really good remix :D