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Reviews for "Tristam - Till it's over (H3XAGON3ST remix)"

This song is INCREDIBLE!

This is AWESOME!!!
Do more Just Shapes and Beats song remixes!

good beats make more.

WARNING: THIS IS LONG (Just Like From Annihilate By Destroid Remix)

I like the remix-beats and the low nightcore in some parts, the beginning has an odd-sounding static then low nightcore and in middle there is nice remix-song metal sounds. this is %90 good but annihilate has more inspiration (%99.99 good)
but I still rate 10/10 not 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 9.9. cuz this is very good too pls I hope the viewers like it too and rate 10/10 just like me. :)

whats the song id? im making a gd Level and i want to use this song
A: look on the website area search, and u see its 832373.

PedroM410 & StormGrounds:
Is it possible that you release it on Geometry Dash?
A: yeah, cuz not new bruh

Also im making a level called Its Over. anybody wannna play it when im done? Its on GD
A:sure im making a lot of good gd levels.


It's awesome... i love it... the music is insane the way your remixed it is quite making it distinguishable from the original one... some parts may have idk something like the vocals were just removed but there's proabably a reason for it :)