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Reviews for "Tristam - Till it's over (H3XAGON3ST remix)"

for all those f**king idiots out there who are deaf, this is not exactly the same as the original. Some of the pads have been changed slightly and there are some extended parts. I don't know how you cannot hear the very beginning of the track and also I don't know how you can't compare the two together. I am getting really tired of these people, they're just a disgrace to the community. Hexagon3st if you're reading this then sorry about all those who said it was exactly the same. It obviously isn't and I think it's a pretty cool remix. I don't know what the word 'remix' means to them... :/

Very badly mixed. Also, it's almost the same asthe original. The stuff you added in also feels horribly disconnected from the rest of the song, especially the "oi"s.

H3XAGON3ST responds:


bruh... this is the EXACT SAME SONG but without the vocals.
for anyone who sees this, this is NOT A REMIX.
THIS IS THE ORIGINAL! LISTEN TO IT FOR YOURSELF! https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/tristam-till-its-over

Sounds so epic and heroic, I love it. I'm definitely using this for a GD level. :)

jsab :)