Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

Husten we have a problem

Just thought you should know that on the third level after being shot by one of the cars driving up the road with two guys on it. i kept getting the flashes on my screen(as if i were being shot) and my health draind until i died. BUT hey were not perfect so i have no prob with this shit happening. SHIT HAPPENS. good job

this was hella awesome

this was so damn cool but god was it hard and the scope with it zoomed in fucked with me but stil really cool nice JOb


this is definately one of the best shooter games that i have ever played here, I want to see more.

Damn Fine

Pretty Creative Liked The Twist On The Bank Robberery With The Whole Sperm Bank Thing. Want More Missions .
keep Up The Good Work
Spin Doggie

Awesome game

Dude...this game is awesome. I've always enjoyed shooting games like this and I give you mad props for creating such a cool flash game. I hate it when people dis games that the creator worked hard on, especially awesome games like this that actually have more than one level. People like that are probably 11 year olds who got lost on the way to pornsites that show Britney Spear's tits. Because they can't seem to get the drift of the game, they feel its necessary to put it down. People like that suck. But this game is pretty cool...