Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

Well Done

Like Mynd its a little too action orientated for me but what a great game , properly finished and well thought out, I would love to see you turn your skills to an adventure game, keep up the good work

Click click.....BOOM!

Not too bad, got a little annyoing after awile. All in all a good way to kill half an hour.


Like when you shot hte bullet on the first level to kill the bos to get in. Also the music and sound effects are good. Just improve the graphics....because I donno what they are suppose to be...other than humans. But other than that good game.

One of the better flash shooting games

Interactivity would have gotten a nine but the scope sometimes got in the way, but an overall great game.

try it

its fun but kinda annoying with the reload but ya no game is perfect

i enjoyed it for most part, need improvemnts thats why ima play number 2 now