Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

cool game

heh pretty cool game.cant wait for the next game!

Not bad at all



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I like it.

I like sniper games, and I think I'll add this to one of my "go back and play again" list. I gave you the 8 for the sound cause even though it sounds good it could use some slight tweaking, and well it is funny to see these werid looking characters running around and shooting each other HEH, I got a good laugh out of that. Keep making these flash, games whatever suits you, you've got talent.

fuckin' A!!!

Holy shit. I have got to say that this is the most addictive game I have played on NG. Please make many, many more games that have that satisfying "SPLAT" sound when you hit an enemy. And it's also cool that the music isn't annoying. Ten thumbs up.