Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

you do know those look like Penisis

Other than the fact that they were stealing from a sperm bank and the looked like penisis it was a good game!

nicely done

it was very enjoyble but the music wasnt that good, hearing the same thing over and over and over, other than that WICKED!

((( NICE )))

Hey i go away for a few days and ya win the feature heh, anyways great job, you get my 10's, this was nice work loved it 100%, sheesh i wish i knew how to use flash as good as you, anyways keep up the great quality stuff...


Damn that was hard....... i ono why though

Good job man keep it up

Really good game.

I love shooting people so this is a great game for me. I also think that who ever tries to put out this game should be killed. but it dosen't matter do what wont to: good game in all.