Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

Nice character drawings!

This game was so original, this proves that you don't need frame by frame animation to have a great game!

It's getting better!

ok my friend! it's better, i liked the cinema displays,the scope is nice and the scenarios are intresting, but it needs more things! what happened with nightvision? or the differnts costumes? it's still very short i want to play moe and more!!
hey! i was thinking...what about using termovision? uh? just like robocop use it!! =)

io3creations responds:

Thanks. I was thinking about nightvision and different costumes but I decided not to use them because I wanted to keep the game close to Episode 5 of Tuti TV. I'll deffinitely have nightvision/thermovision in the next episode when the police arrives at the Bank Robbers' Boss's place. (I'm also thinking about making a 3D shooter based on a different character in the future, but that's still far away)

I could sit here playing this game forever

this game is sooo cool its very entertaining


That game was awsome. I love sniper games and that had so muck to choose from good work


badguys look funny