Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

Good but too hard

The graphics were awesome the sound was good it was fun to play. it did get a bit repetitive but it was still fun. not funny but i dont think thats wat you were going for so it didnt make a difference. i found the game really hard to play. i thought i had passed but then i fail.

Pretty cool

It's fun yet hard. There's a lot of robbers coming out at once, they shoot too often. But that's what makes games fun. Good job. I give it a 4

I like erythin in d game ...besides d game

no comment i jus didnt like it ..i blam dis Make a version 2 and dont make it go so slooww


This was an ok game, but the characters were very stupid. It didn't have laughing at all....


lol. fucken funny. gooshy sounds when the terrorists die. Holding up the sperm bank? lol. anyway. pretty funny and awesome game. too bad I couldnt give you the 10. hope to see more from you.