Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"


i like ur idea, but however u should put some more blood and sounds of killing in there. also i think the gun sounds and recoil should be of higher quality. overall the gae was too hard, but dont give up

io3creations responds:

Thanks for the detailed review.
About the sounds: I agree, they should be better quality but I used what I could find on the internet for free.

Court is now in session..... Hrm whats this?

My god what a horrible game horrible it shed a tear in my eye on how bad it was anyways well this game isnt easy and not very fun your giving snipers a bad name brother and it needs alot of work =[

io3creations responds:

Dear judge,
Your case is unsubstantiated. You neiter specified why the game is bad NOR what kind of work it needs.
Your case is thrown out of the court as of now and the court session is over.


not great but okay.. could be a little better with some work..

its alright

this games alright, not bad, but not awesome. This game would be better if it had more tasks to complete in the missions, and just generally larger in scale. well done

It's the best sniper game I've played on here so f

Can't say much more...