Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

Great Sniper game for sniper fans

However Though I dont have any complaints a gaurd button would be great like hiding behing the chopper or something to reload. Something along those lines. Thats all the problems I had other than that good game

MOP's Official Reveiw

Very nicely done with the scope, a definate work to admire. Good story plot to build with the style rating. Excellent, crisp sound play added too.
Almost all of the attacks are repiticious and easy to spot. It needs a bigger variety of enemies and weapons. Also, the missions should connect to eachother rather then have them be picked from a group screen.
Excellent gameplay, interesting plot, and i'll definately have to check out the history behind the tuti now. Good work!


I think this game fuckin sucked with the dick shaped people and balls for legs. Who the hell would give this game an 8 is should get a 1 and how fuck did it make the front page !!!!!! IT SUCKS ASS!

Pretty Kool

The grafix were prety good, they need to be polished tho..

The ass-looking legs looks gay, but the bad guys themself look cute -- like south park!

Really funny that the robbers tried to steal he sperm form sperm bank!!


this game is kinda queer cuz the little dudes that have an ass where there feet should be steal sperm from a sperm bank. if ya ask me there should not be a game like this, ever its juss gross.