Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

not bad

dis would b better if u could protect ur self by like ducking or hiding bhind something but otherwise good game

Not bad

Not bad, could be better if you could protect yourself from the shots.


That's a good game, but you can't cover anywere and the there isn't any "time of reload"

assberger syndrome

y now that cops legs are so fat i think he has ass berer syndrome

A GREAT concept of what sniper games should be!

What's missing from most sniper themed games are HOSTAGES but this game has LOTS of them!

I also love the feature to switch between gun scopes and zoom levels, just like the real life deal. The graphics are cartoony but perhaps that's what the designer had intended.

There are no gun physics like recoil, but the limited ammo clip and long reload time makes this game suspenseful and frustrating in a good way. Well done :)