Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"


fun game needs more to it accessorize dude. oh and the other guy is right pepole would think your a dyke or somethin

io3creations responds:

Glad you liked the game but I wanted to keep it simple.

If something is taken out of context, there are some people who jump to conclusions very easily. You have to watch at least some Tuti TV movies (especially Evolution) to get that most Tuti TV movies and games are about 'Twisted' humor and not related to sexual oriention. (Although there are people who don't get it anyways). Peace.

gay wad

your so gay or you are a dick h8er

io3creations responds:

You have VIOLATED the 'guidelines for posting reviews'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone, please click the 'Abusive' link under this review to have this person's review (and perhaps NG account) removed. Thank you.


that was sooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!
all you do is shoot cocks and that was it!!!!!!! it was still amazing though and head shots were a good idea.

io3creations responds:

Coooooooool!!! Glad you enjoyed the game.


thats Rocks I think there needs 2 be a cool head shot mode or something like that!!!!!!!

io3creations responds:

Actually, there's headshot - although not the entire 'head' is counted but only a small area around the eyes.


Good work! I dont think the previous dickhead retard even played the game. Fuck him anyways!! I was a good game, nice work man!!

io3creations responds:

Thanks man, glad to hear you liked the game.