Reviews for "Police Sniper 1"

i love it

haha, i loved it... shooting penis-like criminals has never been so fun


badguys look funny

Kill teh penorz!

It was a really fun game! The sniping was really fun because, most shooter games are close combat shooting or full auto. The enimes looked like penises (LOL) I liked the first two missions the best the last two were kind of frustrating with with everything being so tiny. I like it, it's unique and enteraining!


it is to hard.i like police sniper 2 a lot more

Fun, and quirky, game.

Hmm, I liked this. Of course, I like a good sniper game any day, and this one has great gameplay. It also has nice graphics, decent sound, and a very, very twisted sense of humor. I was consistently challenged by this game, and found it to be perfect for a time waster. The controls were solid, but I truly wish there was a scope sensitivity option that would allow you to move the scope faster. That said, I still think this game is worth playing, and I hope you give it a shot (heh, no pun intended) and agree. Warning: I forgot to mention that most of the humor is definitely adult oriented and may offend some. It didn't bother me, but then, so little does. :)