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Reviews for "A Trip Down Memory Lane"

is it me or...

i swear i think there are some parts from mortal kombat's main theme mixed in with this song because i put the 2 together and they seem to be kinda playing at the same lvl its ether friken awesome or friken ironic ether way its very good



this one is tight..i think my favorite part is from 2:05-2:30 :) keep it up

So many memories...

im giving this 1 all 10 because it truely gave me a trip down memory lane...man, the memories...TY again NT =)

Now, THOSE are memories!

I hear so much from the past here... especially some videogame melodies like one of the stages from DOA2 and ofcourse CastleVania: Bloody Tears... and a few of your older game-projects and songs. All my 10 are belong to this.

hm :)

beggining was sweet, but it was nothing special from you. To the contrary i could start jammin out to this.