Reviews for "- Moving Up - Collab"

it is soo dool


Greeksta-69 responds:

Thanks man lol

original rap loop here!

this one is sweet and sexy. the sitar and flute is sweeet, it really adds to the song. perhaps add a little reverb to the sitar to add some more sustain. I'm diggint the strings riff. Nice EQed bass and hip hop beat. great work overall!

do you mind telling me where you got the flute from? I've been looking for a soundfont or something of one for ages, and have had no luck. so if you could PM me or post it here that would be great thanks! good luck on the rest of your work.

Greeksta-69 responds:

Hey man im glad you liked the song. The flute... well i got it from a friend then we just made the melody and added pitch bend, most GM soundsfonts have the flute so search that up and just do it with some pitch bend and stuff and it will sound pro ! anyways thanks for the review man.

Damn, yo. this shit go hard.

This is a good collab. Yall plan on doin somethin else with this track? cause this is dope. I dont see nothin wrong wit it, yo. the intro is dope, the drum and snares go hard, the trumpets sounds wonderful, and the sitar(?) gives it a tight Arabian Nights theme. The pattern is unique; it fits the track perfectly. the only downside is that it's short. to me, that's the only thing. good job, 10/10, 5/5.

Greeksta-69 responds:

yeha man thanks alot for everything yeah it was kinda short because we dont want everyone to have the whole insturmental and say they made it know what i eman sometimes people steal stuff and also its gona go on my me and my friends album this summer so were saving it for than anyways thanks alot man i appreciate all the support everyones given me.

Production at its Finest

I gave all 10's in all catergories and I meant that sincerely, it's quite rare when you get a track like this with production almost unflawed.

The whole thing could do justice to any rapper at all and not let them down.

You and Zajed really pulled this one off so props for it being so good, lovin' the horns at the end, who did those?

The whole track is awesome so you get a 5, wear it proudly, you earned it.

Greeksta-69 responds:

yeha man thanks alot we found out what we needed to improve in with this beat and Zajed helped out alot and that was him with the brass ;) anyways you already know i appreciate tour thoughts on this thanks alot man from both of us.

Cool stuff!

This song has a great build up. The beats are awesome and so are all the instruments playing in it. Really cool hiphop!
OR: 7, Yeah its cool(:
DI: 7, Well, most of the hiphop genre itsself isnt that great at diversity, but other than that you did a great job at it!
CL: 10, great quality hiphop!
EF: 10, Yes the effort was good!
OV: 9, I think Id give it a nine. Great quality Hiphop(:

Greeksta-69 responds:

thanks man this is cool why u explained everything thanks we respect that, thanks for the review and hope to hear more reviews like this in the future.