Reviews for "COMMISSION - Scrap Baby (Part I)"

We honestly need more Scrap Baby hentai... Can't get enough of it

And this is why you always keep a taser on hand. Controlled shocks solve all the problems!

I imagine this would be like [redacted] a metal version of a car wash sponge, one of the really tentacly ones.

That might actually be a neat way to do something...


Baby is not a child but a robot created by William Afton to kill children and stuff them inside of "her" to create a living sentient robot.

in short: Baby is not a child she is a robot.

the Spirit inside of her is dead, and is pretty old enough to be your mom at this point, even though the death of the child inside Baby is debatable as we do not know when she died per-say but it's can easily be suggested that she either died between FNAF 2 or FNAF SL which should be a (maybe) 3 year difference.

we don't know the age of the girl who died inside of Baby but considering FNAF 6 (which this version of Baby exist in) is 31+ years after FNAF 1 making it 40+ years after FNAF 2/FNAF 4/FNAF SL she can easily be the age of around (guessing she is 10 by FNAF SL) 51 years old. so yes she is old enough to have sex. but hey, That's just a theory, A GAME THEORY.

also; I see where you are coming from, it is still disturbing and I would'be liked the art to cater toward that more disturbing side of the game it is referencing.