Reviews for "Velocity"


So this one has a unique sound here I love the robotic vocals in there you made it sound really different and thats what I really liked about this piece so nice job there, My advice is just make more of these unique pieces, Some stuff like this tends to be hard to review because theres just so much talent and the intense style such as this one you have done here. its Excellently created and to me is a Goldmine its almost like a Jolt of lightning and I, was Intrigued with the whole piece, Alright so I could see this being used in a number of movies and games, and you have a nice little track here with some great promise.

My advice is just make more of these unique pieces



I love this so much!

Took a while before that pace really kicked in, was expecting something fast right from the get-go considering the title... but when it does start it really does start! The build-up's an appreciative escalator in that regard, and the vibe overall is almost like a mesh between Ghost in the Shell and F-Zero. Really cool, ambient DnB sound, and tonnes of variation along the venue.


Some nice relaxing d&b in there, and the nerofunk as well. I love how you got the drops, made them really quiet then at for example at 3:10 went "screw it"