Reviews for "Velocity"

Meganeko from the whole bunch of artists I follow you are the only one that I know you use Cubase for production (be my mentor *-*) Nice music keep doing awesome!

Lol, ready for someone to make a GD travel level?

Nice drums. Great beat. Thumbs up.

This reminds me to Bossfight...

reminds of Bossfight

It's so mournful and filled with vibes. Like fighting Optimus Prime to avenge your little brother. At some points, however, it detracted from this with way over the top stuff, drum fillers and whatnot. I like both songs here, the mournful and the banger, but they don't really fit together at the same time. Maybe have more distinct sectioning, vibes then bass, back and forth between the two would work? Either way, it's pretty good and doesn't necessarily need improving... Good job!