Reviews for "Another Day Two"


WAY better then the first one you keep it up SWEET MOVIE

Nice Nice

I like the simple random nature of this series keep it up..

but dude....PLZZZZZZZ tell me the aurthor and title of this episodes soundtrack ( the "72" song)....tat song juz rox and fits the whole cartoon

would apprecieate it if u send the aurthor n title to my ermail man...smeagol.i.am @ gmail dot com (no spaces)....good pick on that song

cool calm and cute

a gr8 movie i really liked it keep it up guys


I can't believe this entry didn't win any Portal awards! It must have been a really fantastic submissions day if this didn't even break the top 5. It's another great entry, and the music is again perfect for it. It helps that turin Brakes are such a good band! I did actually quite like the look of the videogame section, so I hope there is a game!

i forgot about the movie and was just listening to

the music!!